This Page is here to help you find a local supplier of race gas. Below are links that should help. If you know of a brand that we have missed or one of these links no longer works, please let us know.

CT Racing builds a high percentage of our motors to run a minimum of 100 octane gas. To achieve this, you can purchase 108-112 leaded race gas and mix it 50/50 with Super Unleaded pump gas. You can also purchase 100-105 octane race gas and just run it straight, but mixing it 50/50 will be cheaper. 

High octane race gas burns colder and slower than pump gas. So the misconception that race gas burns hot is wrong. Octane above what the motor is built for or tuned for is wasted. It won't hurt the motor, but you may lose horsepower by running race gas in a pump gas motor. On the other hand, if you run pump gas in a race gas motor, you may do damage as the motor will run hot. Click on the race fuel suppliers to locate your local dealer.