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Best in the Desert Parker 250

The 2014 BITD season has already kicked off with the Parker 250. CT Racing Let there intentions be known that they were after sixth straight BITD title, with a convincing win by over 6 minutes by CT Racing Riders Dave Scott and Danny Prather. The Duo started 5th Pro ATV off the line and powered there CT Racing Prepared TRX450R by the competition, including most of the motorcycles, finishing 5th over all. The course had a lot of whoops, dust (starting behind over 30 motorcycles) and rock sections keeping the average speed down, the duo had an average speed of just under 48 miles per hour. Joe Ramos and Trent Kendall finished a hard earned 2nd after leading the race for the first lap. CT's Cody Mitchell and Colt Binkerhoff finished a tuff 4th after taking a stint at the lead on the final lap. Fuel issues slowed them down setting them back.


CT Racings Dave Scott and Danny Prather put in a "Jimmy Johnson" style ride at the BITD Henderson 250. Within a few miles of the start Dave Scott came up on a downed motorcycle rider, leaving the rider with another competitor Dave went for help. After getting officials sent to the scene, Dave and Danny continued the race. Being back to last, the duo decided to not push hard get to the finish and pick up there 3rd straight championship, CT's 5th straight.With that in mind they were still able to put in a good ride and get a 3rd place finish.

CT Racing won the 2013 Best in the Desert Las Vegas to Reno race for the 6th year in a row. Danny Prather and David Scott put in an impressive ride, leading early, being past in pit 1 by the Cody Mitchell/Kyle Grosse  team. Scott/Prather took the the lead back by pit 5 checking out on the competition. Scott and Prather managed there lead until the finish with about 15 minutes over  2nd place team of Joe Ramos and Trent Kendall. Scott/Prather ended up 10th overall this year being outpaced by only 9 motorcycles. Very impressive being they had to start behind a lot of Motorcycles and work there way past them. Mitchell/Grosse re-bounded to third after an early Crash by Grosse, Mitchell riding Ironman to the finish logging in about 350 miles without a break.

Danny and Dave remain in the points lead with Carlson/Grosse 2nd. With some Luck Danny and Dave are on there way to a third BITD Championship in a row and potentially the 5th in a row for CT Racing powered quads.  The final race of the year, the Henderson 250  December 7th. If your going to be anywhere near Las Vegas that weekend, come out and cheer for the boys.

So far in 2013 BITD the boys have a 2nd in the Parker 250 by 10 seconds to CT Racings Scott Fisher and Brett Greenholz aboard their Honda 700XX, and wins in the Silver State 300 and Vegas to Reno.


CT Racing's Danny Prather and Dave Scott knocked of their 2nd BITD Championship winning the 2012 series. These guys are on fire with unrelenting speed, and with their old age and treachery, making it tough for the young guns to stay on there pace.



CT Racing Powered Quads finished  1st. 2nd. and 3rd in the 2011 Best in the desert series.  This was CT Racings longtime racer Greg Stuart's final race after a long career racing ATV's dating back to the late 80's racing and winning Nationals, Mickey Thompson, and the infamous Adelanto grand prix, along with countless best in the Desert wins, and two Best in the Desert Championships Greg is calling it a wrap. 


CT Racing

2009 BAJA 500 Win

Quad Magazine Associate Editor Nick Nelson and his team finally get the big "W" that has been eluding them for nine long years. After the biggest display of rule enforcement by Score International to date, the 5A Suzuki QuadRacer R450 went from an unofficial 3rd place finish to a solid 1st place, finishing forty minutes ahead of the 2nd place American Honda team of Wayne Matlock. The 5A team was the only team in the Class 25 Premiere ATV class that did not receive penalties for cutting the course or speeding on the highway. Nick Nelson, Brandon Brown, and Josh Edwards rode their nearly stock-motored QuadRacer R450 to a finish in 10 hours and 26 minutes. “We had a near flawless day—our Suzuki QuadRacer R450 ran solid from start to the finish," said Quad Magazine's Nick Nelson. "Every team member did their job; no one crashed, broke anything, or did anything outside the Score rulebook. Kenney Sanford of S&S Motorsports did an excellent job prepping our bike for this brutal race. Our Maxxis tires with TireBalls performed flawlessly with no flats allowing us to concentrate on merely gassing and inspecting the machine in every pit. Our CT exhaust powered, FOX/Walsh suspended Suzuki just kept taking the abuse like we needed it to. We are also extremely excited to deliver Suzuki its first ever Pro win at any SCORE Baja event!" "We would love to thank our sponsors and pit crew, who have stuck by us for a decade worth of trying. Special thanks to Paulina Nelson, Allen Knowles, Alberto “Chino” Wong, Ron Edwards, Bill Nelson, Big Frank, Brad Aboltin, Gabe Castillo, Kenney Sanford and Jason Greenhaw. We'd also like to thank, Suzuki, CT Racing, S&S Motorsports, Fox Racing Shox, Walsh Racecraft, Precision Stabilizers, Maxxis, Hyper Wheels, Blingstar Industries, FASSTCO, K&N, PWR, Galfer, PCI Race Radios, Dobech, TireBalls, IMS Products, PRM-ATV, Clarke, Moto X Nutrition, Trail Tech and Klim Technical Gear."


ATV Pro Nic Granlund Suffers Serious Injury at ITP/Yamaha QuadCross Event

San Bernardino, CA – Nic Granlund participated in the May 24th ITP QuadCross  Championship Series at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA.  On the first lap of the Open Pro ATV Class second moto he crashed and sustained a debilitating injury.  A fund has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank for donations to support Nic’s recovery.

The track had been used the day before for the AMA Motocross Nationals. Nic started the day with a solid race and finished sixth in the first Moto.  In the main event, Nic came off the line strong and was among the first few racers into the first turn.  As Nic railed the first turn, another quad bumped him sending him and his quad over the berm and off the track.  He was able to recover, but several quads passed by as he maneuvered back onto the race track.  Nic Granlund has always been known as an aggressive rider and, once back on the track, he pinned it as he gunned down the rider in front of him.  He did not lift off the throttle as he approached a 65-foot step-up.  Nic launched off the face of the jump and suddenly the quad stalled and dropped out of the air leaving Nic in a 15 foot freefall.  Nic landed on the downside of the jump without his quad and shattered his femur and hip joint into more than 35 pieces. 

Nic spent eleven days at Arrowhead Trauma Center in Colton, CA after a five-hour reconstructive surgery of the hip that Dr. Hopkins said was the worst hip trauma that he had seen in his 10 years as an orthopedic surgeon. The doctors had to insert a two-foot titanium rod into the center of Nic’s femur and then secure the rod with a 4” screw just above the kneecap. Two large bolts were installed to connect the rod to a newly rebuilt hip.  The surgeon commented that Nic’s muscles were so strong that they bent medical tools while working on him.

The prognosis is promising, though Nic faces a long road to recovery.  He is residing in San Jose, CA the first 6 weeks of recovery.  He plans to return to Las Vegas as soon as possible and will begin physical therapy at that point.  Nic knows it will be tough - but he’s confident that he will overcome this challenge with the support of family, close friends, and the racing community.

Supermoto Champion - Nic Granlund

“I am not ready to announce my retirement, but I will be out of the garage and off the track for a long period of time according to the doctor,” said Nic.  “Everyone’s support has been overwhelming; it goes to show what a tight group of racers are out there every weekend.”

There have been many calls and messages from racers, friends, and fans around the country wanting to know how they can help Nic.  In response to this outpouring of support, a fund has been established in Nic Granlund’s name through Wells Fargo Bank (Acct. 6478349860).  You can contribute to the fund by either transferring funds from an existing Wells Fargo account or by visiting a local branch location.   Or, you can send a check to Niclas Granlund  c/o Maria Werth, PO Box 18755, San Jose, CA 95158.



Adam Campbell - Road Trip

All About Crazy Al

writer: Adam Campbell
photographer: Adam Campbell

I've been working in the ATV industry for about 10 years now, and each and every time I take a road trip, whether it's a race event or a photo shoot, some sort of strange and unforgettable story will surely emerge. It's inevitable when a group of us industry guys get together, some kind of trouble or carnage is bound to come up, especially when my good buddy Crazy Al is involved. It's actually fairly common when those of us who know Al get together; you can bet we'll probably be telling our favorite Crazy Al stories. For his own protection, I'm not going reveal his full name (as we don't want to see Al's mug shot behind the counter at Hertz, again) although his mug is adorning this story. I'm sure that some of you will recognize Crazy Al as he owns a prominent SoCal speed shop.

I was spending a couple of weeks on the East Coast shooting photos at the GNCC and motocross National race events as well as for one of my clients and friends, Mickey Dunlap. Mickey flew me to Florida for the first round of the GNCC series in Ocala. Crazy Al was flying in to join me-and just in case you didn't know, putting the two of us together unsupervised (with no wives) is an absolute recipe for disaster. It's much like turning two unsupervised 9-year-olds loose in a toy store. Crazy Al shows up in a rented convertible Z28 Camaro. After spending about five minutes with Al and his Camaro rental, I just knew we would end up on the latest episode of the popular television show "Cops."

Friday night before the races were set to kick off, a good friend of mine Martin, owner of Elka Suspension, put together a little barbeque shindig behind the hotel at which he was staying. A great time was had by all of those who attended. But when it came time to leave at around midnight, I jumped into the Z28 with Crazy Al. There were a couple of carloads of others who tagged along as we were heading back to our hotel. Crazy Al slaps the rental car into reverse, pins the gas pedal and I don't know if he was dragging the brake or what, but the car just began burning and squealing the tires. Once the car reached about 30 mph in reverse, Al hucked the car and dropped it into drive. Amazingly, whether by luck or talent, the car performed a perfect 180-degree spin and began heading forward. I have no idea as to how he pulled it off, but as he held down the gas pedal, the car continued to smoke the tires for a very long distance. The crazy part is that there wasn't any room for error, not even an inch. There might've been 20 feet between the parked cars on both sides and it would usually take a four-point turn to get a normal-size car turned around in this spot. By the time we got to the end of the parking lot, every light in every hotel room was on and people were peeking out their windows. The whole parking lot was completely covered in white, puffy smoke. People were standing around looking and probably wondering what the heck was going on. All of a sudden, Al slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car. He came around to the passenger door, looked at me and said, "Hey, I've had a couple of beers, you drive." At this point Al knew that every cop within 5 miles was looking for us, but like an idiot, I didn't think of that until a few minutes after taking over the driver's seat. So we're cruising down the street while Jimmy White was following us in one car, Richard Mendenhall from Douglas Wheel in another. Al waits till the last second and then says, "Turn in here." As I crammed on the brakes and began the last-second turn, Al grabs the e-brake and once again, we began another full 180-degree turn right in front of Richard and Jimmy. I felt like a complete moron as these guys just saw the coolest stunt followed by Beginner 1A failure.

As Sunday night came around, it was time for Al to head to the airport to catch a flight back home. For me, I would be sticking around town a little longer. Crazy Al said his goodbyes, and out the door he went. I had just laid down in my hotel room and turned on the TV. When I began to hear a familiar sound, that screeching squeal of tires in the parking lot of the hotel. Yep, you guessed it, Al was leaving his last mark as he rolled out of town. Just as I looked out the window, I caught a glimpse of another one of Al's 180-degree spins as he headed off into the distance with the tires still burning. I just shook my head, began laughing my ass off and went back to watching TV.

About 15 minutes later, I get a knock on the door of my room. I open it, and guess who? Yep, it was Crazy Al. "Dude, I thought you were headed to the airport," I told him. He then began to explain how the motor in the rental car blew up while he was on his way. What a surprise, as the motor in this car had been pushed beyond its limits all weekend long. Imagine the call to the rental car company explaining how the motor in its car just died. "Uh, yes sir, I blew up your car and it's sitting on the side of the road." Somehow, Al escaped any lawsuits from the rental car company or better yet, being arrested, but its reps had to notice the bald tires as what had happened became very obvious. They actually brought him another car so that he could get back to the airport. This gave us enough time to grab a little dinner at a local diner and to rearrange the magnetic sign outside of the restaurant. But the biggest problem of all is that I don't believe Al has learned his lesson. I'm sure more rental cars will go down in the near future.

Three in a row  for Team CT Racing/Skat Trak

Best in the Desert series

Team CT Racing/Skat-Trak Wins Third Straight Best in the Desert Pro Quad Event Greg Stuart and Nic Granlund win the 2008 Bilek Racing Silver State “300” The Best in the Desert Bilek Racing Silver State 300 was held on Saturday, September 27. The race covered close to 300 miles of desert in one single loop starting in Alamo with the finish line 18 miles north of Mesquite. 71 quads and motorcycles started the race with the SkatTrak team finishing at the head of the pack among the fastest motorcycles. With the next quad finishing more than 16 minutes behind Stuart and Granlund, (12 min on corrected time), the team brought home its third consecutive Pro Quad win in the demanding “Best in the Desert” series. This is a series where anywhere from 25 to 40% of the entries do not finish and earn the dreaded DNF notation on the results page. Finishing three in a row by most measures, Is challenging and a feat in its own right. Winning three events in a row is rare.

Racers lined up at 6:30 AM with each motorcycle or quad leaving the starting line in 30 second to 1minute intervals. Greg Stuart was the second pro quad rider off the starting line. The pro quads all held their positions by the first pit. Greg suffered a flat tire and the third rider off the line passed by while the SkatTrak crew changed a tire. The bad news is that Nic left pit 1 in third place, the good news is that this would be the only flat of the race as the Maxxis tires would make it to the end. Leading the race was the Greg Stuart flying through the desert Q1 factory Honda team with Harold Goodman riding ironman while teammate Wayne Matlock is recovering from a recent crash. In second place was the KTM team of Cody Mitchell and Shaun Moore riding Q11.Within the first few miles towards pit 2, Nic was able to chase down Q11 and close the gap but spent the next 20 miles in thick dust. The course wound its way through Eastern Nevada and was complete with hill climbs, whoop sections, silt, a few technical sections, and some sections that were fast and flat enough for a Rally Car. The course veered approximately 7 miles before pit 2 and a friendly crosswind allowed Nic to see well enough open up the mighty quad and blow by the KTM team. When Greg mounted the quad at pit 2, he was 3 minutes behind the lead quad. As Greg was working his way to the next pit, the dust disappeared behind Q1. When Greg approached Q1 he stopped to make sure Harold was ok and discovered that they had blown the motor. As Greg was navigating his way toward the next pit, he hit deep silt and was thrown over the bars but was still able to retain the lead and hand the quad off to Nic in first place. Nic made his way through more deep silt and up and over the mountains and thought he might have heard something strange in the motor, but he attributed it to either the altitude or his ears popping. Nic continued to ride hard enough to maintain the lead. At the next pit, Nic handed the bike to Greg with a 5minute lead. Greg also inherited a clogged air filter, a loose heel guard and the core of the pipe was broken and causing the packing to plug the exhaust. One stop to remove what was left of the heel guard and a second stop to adjust the air box ate up 3 ½ minutes of the lead. The fast Q2 team of Scott and Sanchez moved into second place. Greg realized his lead time was cut by the repairs and put the hammer down to give Nic almost a 9 minute lead at the last exchange. In desert racing, there is a fine line between speed and preserving equipment. Nic finished the last 73 miles with the quad intact and a 12 minute comfortable win.

 The Pro Quad Division of the Best in the Desert Series is coming down to the wire. The combination of excellent equipment along with Stuart's and Granlund’s speed and course sense has put team Skat
Trak in the running for the series championship. The custom quad built by Greg’s dad and SkatTrak founder, Ken Stuart or “Big K”, and is built around a custom Laeger frame with Fox Shocks and is powered by a Honda 650cc motor with motor work by Allen Knowles of CT Racing. The Skat-Trak teams are privateers, but they seemed to have cracked the code in designing what might be the best desert racing quad out there. “We need to continue to trust that Big K has the quad in top condition and that our pit crew will keep us in the running and let us know where we are in the race. As riders, it’s our job to ride smart and to ride fast”, said Greg Stuart. Only two more races are slated for 2008. The Golden West US Championship on October 25 followed by the Henderson’s Fabtech Classic on December 6. Nic Granlund stated, “We are looking forward to finishing the season strong and the last two races are on our home turf, so we feel good about our chances to win the series.” The Stuart/Granlund team sends it thanks to Casey Folks, Bilek Racing, and all the volunteers at Best in the Desert for putting on this race. The following companies proudly sponsor Greg and Nic ScatTrak, CT Racing, Fox Shocks, Laeger, Maxxis, Hinson, Fullbore, Dragon, WebCam, IMS, Quad Tech, DWT, Torco, NGR, Fasst, Streamline, Precision, Eibach Springs. Congrats to NGR race team of Jared Olsen, Jeremy Olsen and Josh Rowley for winning the amateur quad class. Special props go out to NGR racer Mike Geiger for winning the amateur Ironman quad class. Written by: T Embrogno – 2008 BITD Bilek Silver State 300

Team Skat-Trak Dominates Best In The Desert Bluewater Grand Prix

5/17/2008 Parker AZ



This was the second year of the Bluewater GP and team Skat-Trak with Greg Stuart and Niclas Granlund came ready and was hungry to take the victory.

With a GP style start and 8 laps around the 10 mile course that included mud holes, sand and lots of whoops the racers would stand in front of the quad with a dead engine and all the classes taking of at the same time.

Greg would start the race and got the quad started quickly but stalled the engine so he was about in 25th place thru the first turn, Quickly passing riders he moved up to 10th at the second turn, By turn four he was in 8th, As they entered the desert section Greg had moved up to 5th place, Then there was about 15 minutes before the first quad came in to finish lap one, As the first quad came down the pit road Greg was in the lead with about a 30 second advantage over second place. By now the temperature was over 100 degrees, When Greg came in for the second lap Nic would get on the Quad, With a smooth rider switch Nic left the pit with over a one-minute lead.

“My first lap was fast and smooth but I started to catch lappers on my second lap so I had some dust to deal with” When Nic handed the quad over to Greg it was the only re-fueling needed to go the distance. As lap 5 was started Greg had over 4 min on second place. The rest of the race was very hot as the temp would reach 105 in the shade but Team Skat-Trak kept a solid pace not needing to push as they were consistently increasing the lead they even took some time to look over the quad before starting the last lap. After 8 laps of a perfect trouble free race Nic and Greg would take the checkered flag well ahead of the competition.

The next race for Team Skat-Trak is the longest race in the USA, Vegas to Reno that runs for 532 miles.

Greg and Nic would like to thank the pit crew of Ken, Tom, Tommy

And all of our sponsors

 Skat Trak, NGR, Fox Shox, CT Racing, AC, FASST, Fullbore, Dragon,, Hinson, Torco,

Maxxis, DWT, Quad Tech, Streamline, Laeger, Precision, Kengingering

CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports wins

2007 Baja 1000

CT Racing wins the Score Off Road Championship for the third year in a row. Proving the dependability and power of CT Racing motors. Check our Honda 450 page to get your Baja package.

With Danny Prather as rider of record and , Mike Cafro, Dana Creech, Mark Spaeth, and Levi Marana. The team put together a come from behind win, overcoming running out of fuel early and only taking the lead in the last 50 miles. That's the 5th Score race win in a row for the team dating back to last year, with a clean sweep of this years three races (Baja 250, Baja 500, and the Baja 1000). This will also be the third Score Off Road Championship in a row for the CT/Temecula Motorsports Team.


CT Racing's Nic Granlund and Greg Stuart Ripped the competition in the Best in the Desert Las Vegas 300, blowing off the factory Honda team of Matlock and Pruel by over 9 minutes. The team was consistently turning two minutes per lap faster times than the second place Honda entry, around the 65 mile course. Congratulations Nic and Greg on your second BITD win this year.

Las Vegas Supermoto Championship

Ct went One Two with Darrel Rath on his CT Tuned and Sonic Piped, Baldwin Motorsports Rath Racing Polaris 525 Outlaw, Followed by Nic Granlund on his CT Tuned Sonic Piped, NGR, Laeger Racing YFZ. Nice going guys, and thanks for showing what the CT Sonic Pipes do on High Horsepower Motors!

2007 Baja 500

Team CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports wins Baja 500. The team of Danny Prather, Mike Cafro, Dana Creech, Mark Spaeth and Levi Marana did a fantastic job winning the Baja 500, this following their Baja 250 win earlier in the year. Only the Score Baja 1000 is left in the 3 race championship. The team is on a Off-Road tear winning their fourth Score race in a row going back to last years Baja 500 and Baja 1000 wins. That’s 2250 miles of off road racing with no failures. That is only possible with the help and use of best products available from suppliers like  Maxxis Tire, Roll,  Elka Suspension, Web Cam,  Tire Balls, PWR Radiator, Douglas Wheel, RPM Axles, Works Connection, Universal Bars, AC Racing, Hinson Clutch Basket, Streamline Brakes and Rotors, K&N Filters, IMS , Pro-X clutches,  Maier Plastic, Wolfpack

2007 Baja 250

CT Racing team of Danny Prather, Mike Cafro, Levi Marana and Mark Spaeth win the opening round of the Score Off Road Championship, in dominating the Baja 250 (Formerly San Felipe 250)

Team CT Racing best's all others in the Best in the Desert Parker 250. The CT Team of Greg Stuart and Nic Granlund paired up for 2007, and started the season off with a dominating performance by winning the Parker 250 by over 20 minutes.


Team CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports Blisters the 2006 Baja 1000. The team of Danny Prather, Mike Cafro, Levi Marana, Dana Creech , and Mark Spaeth had a phenomenal ride through the Baja Desert. This year the 39th annual Baja 1000 was the point to point version traveling the length of the Baja peninsula starting in Ensanada, and finishing in La Paz near the tip of Baja, with a course of just over 1000 miles.


CT Racing rider Big Nic Granlund dominated the AMA Supermoto National Championship in Nashville Tennessee. With Second place going to Jason Anderson On his Sonic piped YFZ 450, proving the CT Sonic Series Pipes are the Dominant Force when Horse Power is needed. 

CT's Mike Cafro, Levi Marana and Danny Prather win the 06 Baja 500, that's the second year in a row for CT to win the 500.

Honda Gave CT a helping hand with three new 06 TRX450R's to Use for the Baja 1000. We were able to put in good finishes in the 1000 and cap off a great season finishing first and second in the Score Off-Road Series Championship.

CT Racing's Josh Fredrics and Cyle Chislock Win the Best in The desert series  Pro Quad Championship on the 06 TRX 450R, Along with CT Team of Jimmy Stephensen and Greg Stuart finishing the series in third on their Kawisaki KFX440.

Baja 1000

November 13'th is the start of the 40th annual Baja 1000. CT Allen Knowles will be Racing with the Temecula Motorsports team running the length of the Baja Peninsula. For the 40th annual Score made it special by adding some mileage. This years race is a whopping 1,296 miles. Allen will be back in with a race report on Monday the 19th. Allen will be racing on the team with Danny Prather, Mike Cafro, Levi Marana, Dana Creech , and Mark Spaeth. This is the same team that won the thousand last year.

Team Teixeira Racing Wins BITD Championship


Team Teixeira Racing took the overall Sportsman Championship for the Best in the Desert 2007 Silver State Series.  Teammates Ed Teixeira and Todd Hunter started the series off on a hybrid KTM 525R, and finished the last four races on a Teixeira built Honda TRX 450R. The Team had a good run early on in the series, but it was winning the TSCO Vegas to Reno on the Honda that pushed them ahead in class points.  Teixeira and Hunter then began the battle for the Grand Championship, leading the points chase up until the last race, and then losing out to the Pro Honda Factory team by only 3 points.

The Teixeira Racing Team of Derek McCabe, Bill Baier and Jason Sparks, were the highest scoring team in the Amateur class on a Yamaha YFZ 450.  This team had a really rough season, but pulled it all together for a great win at the last race in the series.

 Team Teixeira Racing would like to thank all of its sponsors for a great 2007 season.  Without the reliable products from these companies, the team would not have been able to take these 2 championships.  After racing over 1500 miles of treacherous desert terrain, Ed & Todd had absolutely no mechanical problems the whole year.  This is due to the quality of the products put out by the companies listed below.

 Sponsors: CT Racing, Cardio Stack, Carmichael Honda, DWT, Dirt Tricks (Ironman Sprockets), Fluidyne, Fox Shox, Fuel Customs, F2Racing, Galfer, Graves Motorsports, HardKor, Hinson, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, IMS, Klotz, Maier, Maxxis, Moose, Oury Grip, Pivot Works, Precision-RP, Pro Armor, RPM, Regina, SCR Graphics, Scott, Sunoco Race fuels, Terry Cable, Teixeira Tech Racing, Tire Balls, Trail Tech, T & M Lawn Maintenance, Wiseco, Uni, Universal.

Las Vegas 300

CT Racing's Nic Granlund and Greg Stuart Ripped the competition in the Best in the Desert Las Vegas 300, blowing off the factory Honda team of Matlock and Pruel by over 8 minutes. The team was consistently turning two minutes per lap faster times than the second place Honda entry, around the 40+ mile course. Nic and Greg were racing the Laeger Chassis, CT Racing Modified XR650 powered Honda in this event. Congratulations Nic and Greg on your second BITD win this year.

Polaris Cup

CT Racing owner Allen Knowles is back racing a quad after nearly a twenty years of not racing. Allen is Racing a Polaris 525 Outlaw in what is known as the Editors Cup. Each of the magazines was offered a chance to race the Polaris 525 for three races two GNCC and one Worcs series event. Allen is doing the riding, racing, writing for ATV Sport magazine. CT racing is able to do any mods and prep work they want to the Polaris Outlaw 525 Independent that they want. This is a great opportunity for CT Racing to develop the 525 KTM motor plus working with the Polaris. You'll be able to read about the project quad in an upcoming issue of ATV Sport Magazine. Allen raced the Unadilla New York round over the October 14-15 weekend besting the Magazine guys and second in the sportsman class. Allen will be competing in the Yadkinville NC round October27th, so if you are attending that race look Allen up.

CT Racing would like to thank the Participating Sponsors of Allen's Return to Racing (most likely very short lived return). TCS Suspension, JE Pistons, Web Camshafts, Kibblewhite Valve Components, Douglas Wheel, Maxxis Tire, Precision Racing Components, PWR Radiator, TCS suspension, IMS products, Rath Racing.

Allen raced Unadilla on the Polaris Outlaw besting the other magazine entry's in the race. Allen picked up second in the Sportsman Class. This was the class all of the magazine's chose to ride so they didn't have any impact on class championship's as the Sportsman class doesn't race for a championship. Allen was actually leading the class going into the fourth lap, but a bent spindle kept him from pushing on the 5th lap. He let the eventual class winner by and just cruised in to stay ahead of the other magazine's competing in the Polaris cup.

Yadkinville round of the GNCC was not as good to Allen as the New York round. He got off to a better start in this round but near the completion of the first lap the front wheel bearing on the Outlaw started to go and by the end of lap two the front bearings and hub were completely blown off of the quad so Allen was left with a DNF.

Baja 500


Team CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports wins Baja 500. The team of Danny Prather, Mike Cafro, Dana Creech, Mark Spaeth and Levi Marana did a fantastic job winning the Baja 500, this following their Baja 250 win earlier in the year. Only the Score Baja 1000 is left in the 3 race championship. The team is on a Off-Road tear winning their fourth Score race in a row going back to last years Baja 500 and Baja 100 wins. That’s 2250 miles of off road racing with no failures. That is only possible with the help and use of best products available from suppliers like Maxxis Tire, Roll,  Elka Suspension, Web Cam,  Tire Balls, PWR Radiator, Douglas Wheel, RPM Axles, Works Connection, Universal Bars, AC Racing, Hinson Clutch Basket, Streamline Brakes and Rotors, K&N Filters, IMS , Pro-X clutches,  Maier Plastic, Wolfpack

The race was certainly not uneventful, as Mike Cafro started off riding the first 35 miles of the course. Mike started off as the 10th quad off of the line and Mike was able to pass all but two quad  teams The Factory Honda backed effort of Wayne Matlock, Wes Miller and Chad Pruel, and the Temecula Motorsports team of Carmen Cafro and Lance Schoomaker. Mike was only about one minute down to the Honda team on corrected time, and ahead of the Carmen Cafro effort. Mike broke his left wrist on the section ending the rest of his day, but doing a phenomenal job considering.  Danny Prather hopped on next, passing the Cafro team and running down the Honda team handing the quad over to Dana Creech just a few seconds behind Matlock Honda team but ahead on corrected time. Mark Spaeth was next aboard. Mark bailed off and had a hard time getting the quad re-fired, he was down by as much as 13 minutes, but made a charge and handed the quad over to (Lucky) Levi Marana just 8 minutes down. Levi was instructed to run them down and he went after them, somewhere along the way Wes Miller went off of a cliff on the factory Honda handing the lead and the win back to Lucky Levi and the team. Wes ended up having to ride in with a broken leg. The Honda team was able to salvage second to CT/Temecula Motorsports.

Baja 1000


Team CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports Blisters the 2006 Baja 1000. The team of Danny Prather, Mike Cafro, Levi Marana, Dana Creech , and Mark Spaeth had a phenomenal ride through the Baja Desert. This year the 39th annual Baja 1000 was the point to point version traveling the length of the Baja peninsula starting in Ensanada, and finishing in La Paz near the tip of Baja, with a course of just over 1000 miles. Mike Cafro started the team 7th Pro Quad off the line, one quad every 30 seconds. 22hours 38 minutes 12 seconds the team rolled into La Paz Besting all but 7 motorcycles across the finish line. The team had a blistering speed average (46.53mph), considering all of damage to the course by torrential rains caused by hurricanes, and the slow results of the other classes this was a very good time. The team managed to hold off the winning Trophy Truck piloted by Robby Gordon and Andy McMillan, all the way across the finish line. The next quad was the 4a entry of Jeff Hancock, Greg Row, Shilo Strunk, and Kirk Schreier about an hour and 50 minutes later, then the 1a of Josh Fredrics and company about half an hour after that. Carmen Cafro and Earl Thigpin Rolled the XR 650 powered TRX across the line fourth and much later was the Wayne Matlock, Chad Pruel, Wes Miller and Keith Little TRX 450R team in 5th.


With the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 wins Team CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports wins the Score off road championship for the second year in a row. We used a whole new cast of characters from last years winning team, the only holdover was Levi Marana. Josh Fredrics moved on to the Bombardier Factory team.


Best in the Desert AVI 150

CT Racings Mike Cafro and Danny Prather Dominated the Best in the Desert AVI 150. This was the inaugural race held on the AVI Indian reservation just below Laughlin  Nevada. CT's big Nic Granlund started first off of the line and lead the first lap closely followed by CT's Greg Stuart who started second Wayne Matlock came through third with Mike Cafro fourth. Nic got off the quad after one 38 mile lap and his teammate Shawn Moore hopped on and left the pit about 15 seconds ahead of Stuart and the rest of the pack. Greg having been one lap around the course ripped by Moore within just a couple of miles out of the pit and brought the CT sonic quad into the pit with almost a four minute lead turning the fastest lap of the race. Greg Hopped off at the end of lap two and Ed Teixeira put in a lap to give Greg a breather, Ed had never ridden the Honda and just couldn't come to terms with it, in the one lap losing several positions. Cafro came through leading lap three and holding on to the finish, followed by David Scott and Jeremy Sanchez , CT's Levi Marana and Brandon Brown On a CT Sonic 450R in third Jeff Hancock and Kyle Pethers in fourth and  Stuart/Teixeira in fifth.

CT Racing would like to than team sponsors Temecula Motorsports, Moore's Ace Hardware, Maxxis tire, IMS/Roll,  Elka Suspension, Web Cam,  PWR Radiator, Douglas Wheel, Dura Blue Axles, Works Connection,  Hinson Clutch Basket, Pro-X clutches, and especially Ken Stuart at Skat Trak.The race was televised and will run on The Outdoor channel later in the year, we'll post the date and time when it becomes available.

2006 Baja 500 Win goes to CT Racing

Mike Cafro, Danny Prather and Levi Marana teamed up to  to Pilot CT Racing/Temecula Motorsports TRX 450 R around the Baja Peninsula in a winning effort. The boys spent several hundred miles working their way from a very bad starting position, getting to second place after about 200 miles of racing. Shortly after getting to second place the team lost third gear and that really hampered the effort to rain in the leading team of Wayne Matlock and Chad Prull. Late in the race the course got fast and third gear became less of a factor, CT's Levi Marana put the CT Hp to work and ran down the 15 minute gap of Matlock/Prull in the last 100 miles of the race. Levi pulled in right on the rear wheels of the leaders giving us the win by several minutes on corrected time. Thanks to the support from Temecula Motorsports, Maxxis tire, IMS/Roll,  Elka Suspension, Web Cam,  Tire Balls, PWR Radiator, Douglas Wheel, Dura Blue Axles, Works Connection, Universal Bars, AC Racing, Hinson Clutch Basket, Galfer Brakes and Rotors, UNI, Torco Oils, Pro-X clutches, and Hard Core.

Parker 250

Team CT's pair of Hondas had good runs at the opening round of the BITD championship in Parker Arizona. The team of Greg Stuart and his new teammate for 06 Nick Nelson put in a great ride. Greg is new to the Honda TRX 450R so he is still getting used to it. The pair started 10th off the line and had to suck a lot of dust finishing the first of three laps in 4th. Nick rode lap two getting around the Josh Fredrics-Greg Row team on a Bombardier. Greg charged hard on the final lap closing down on second place CT's other team Mike Cafro and Danny Prather. Greg crossed the line right in Danny's dust giving him second on corrected time and just a couple of minutes out of the win. We expect good things from the Stuart-Nelson pairing for 06, and the Cafro Prather pairing have proven to be a threat anywhere they show up. Cafro and Prather will also be contesting the Score Championship for CT. Congratulations to Honda/Alba winners Wayne Matlock and Chad Prull.

JAN 1st.

Longtime team CT racer Jimmy Stephensen has announced his retirement from off-road ATV racing. Jimmy has been the lead rider for CT's off road program since 1998. Through the years Jimmy has won the San Felipe 250 and Baja 500 multiple times, was part of the winning effort for the Baja 2000 and also won the Best in the Desert 2000 mile Nevada rally in 2000 along with the infamous numb bum 24 hour team race that year. Jimmy was the rider of record for the team that won Score off road Championship in 2002, Jimmy was also part of the team that won the LeFud 24 hour team race multiple times. Jimmy was 2nd in BITD in 02 and 3rd in 05.


2005 Baja 1000

Honda has given us Three 06 450R to use for our Off-Road racing program. We are prepping the 06's to compete in the Baja 1000. Our riders are Josh Fredrics, Cyle Chislock, Levi Marana and Logan Holiday (leading in score points), Nick Nelson, Jason Greenhaw, Nick Destout and Cain Smead (2nd in score points), and the always fast Mike Caffro. Mike has GNCC ace William Yokley out for the 1000 to help get his team to the front, along with perennial fast guy Danny Prather . The 1000 starts on Friday November 18th. We will be offering postings as soon as possible. This years course is the loop course covering just over 700 miles. We will be receiving pit support from Honda, although we will have several of our own crews chasing just to insure things go smoothly.

We raced the Baja 1000, every team had issues and most of it involved crashing. Mike Cafro was leading at around mile 150, mike went to the far side of a silt bed and Wayne Matlock took the inside and got by Mike, William Yokley hopped on at mile 200 just behind the 9A quad of Matlock. Yokley got off hard and the team spent a fair bit of time changing a broken  rear shock ripped up front Brake Lines. The Nick Nelson team had several get offs including a high speed get off at night ending upside down in a mud hole and another one that they ended up stuck in a ravine for 30 minutes.

 In all the teams did there job and got all three quads to the finish. The Josh Fredrics and Cyle Chislock Team won the Score Off Road Championship and The Nick Nelson Team Finished out Second for the year.

Best in the Desert McMillen Nevada 1000

July 14/15/16/17

Team CT Racing had a rough week at the 1000. With two teams Josh Fredrick and Cyle Chislock aboard there  CT Racing,  Temecula Motorsports, Maxxis tire, Roll, IMS, Elka Suspension, Web Cam sponsored Honda 450 R and Jimmy Stephensen and Greg Stuart aboard the CT Racing, Skat Track, Web Cam, RPM axle, Laeger Racing Kawasaki KFX 440 .

Day 1. 220 miles

Day one went well Jimmy and Greg started 7 and worked there way through the dust finishing the day 2 minutes behind front runner Wayne Matlock about 2 minutes back. Josh and Cyle finished about two and a half minutes back. This was all that needed to be done on day one save the equipment and don't push to hard.

Day 2 330 miles

The plan was for another day like day one, save the equipment stay up near the front.

Riders line up each day by the way they finished the day before so we were lined up two and three. That means eating a lot less dust that the day before. Quads start one quad every minute. After pit two Greg had a problem the vent hose on the tank was kinked, and the quad ran poorly. Greg thought it was ignition and he pulled over and went to the spare CDI box, That didn't work but Greg was able to figure it out, the vent hose runs through the cover for the quick fill tank and it was flipped around in the pit. Greg had lost 7 minutes to leader Matlock and Josh Fredrick was by on the Honda. Pit 4 the two had closed the gap on Matlock to just three and a half minutes and a rider change was done by both teams. Pit five the gap was about the same but Cyle came in with a flat, Jimmy came in and got gas only and was out in front of Cyle but barely, Jimmy had the position and Cyle had more speed so they were rubbing wheels as they went out of sight. Pit 5 both riders were late, Allen Whites team was in and we got the report that it looked like our two riders had gone down together about 15 miles out but it looked like both riders were moving slowly again. Cyle came in first with a completely wadded Honda, Badly bent bars, No anti- freeze in the radiator (cut line) and a few other problems. Jimmy came in a few minutes later just wide open looking to be trying to pull time back already, even though we had heard earlier reports he was riding slowly. Jimmy got off Greg got on with a quick once over the quad was deemed good to go. Greg ran out the rest of the day as hard as possible finishing with a corrected time of about 17 minutes out of the lead and in third overall. Josh was almost an hour off. Jimmy had a concussion had no idea what he was riding, where he was riding, if we was racing or who his teammate was. All questions he asked us repeatedly. Jimmy spent a few hours at the hospital getting a cat Scan and some X-rays.

Day 3 323 miles

The Plan, let it fly.

Greg started hard, Jimmy gave him a 44 mile break from pit two to three and Greg iron manned it the rest of the day. Winning the day and pulling back a few minutes over Matlock and taking second place back from Allen White. Josh and Kyle just put in a hard day finishing third on the day behind Greg and Allen White all three quads within one minute. Matlock finished forth still with a nearly 15 minute lead and 120 miles to go.

Day 4 119 miles

The Plan Really let it fly

Greg starts first as he won the day before, Allen White second  Josh third Matlock fourth. 119 miles is not far enough to pick up the kind of time we needed but we did need to gap White. Pit one Greg came with a four minute lead, but he said he had already pitched the chain once. Pit two he came in with about the same gap but we needed to install a new chain guide, that put us behind White so that gave Jimmy and Greg third for the 1000 and Josh and Cyle were able to rebound to finish fourth.

On the good side Jimmy and Greg have taken over the point lead and Josh and Cyle have moved into third place.

Next race Vegas to Reno Oct.6/7/8

CT Racing Team Dominates the BAJA 500

June 4th 05

Team CT Racing ripped the second round of the Score Off Road series winning both the 250 and open class in the Baja 500. 1st was CT Racing Temecula Motorsports Maxxis tire Roll, IMS, Elka Web Cam sponsored Honda 450 R mounted Riders Josh Fredrics, Cyle Chislock and Levi Marana The CT team riders rode just as they had been instructed at the team riders meeting, set a good pace don't crash and don't tear up the quad on an extremely rough rocky course. The early lead was H-Bomb films Wes Miller and teammate Dana Creech on their #5A 450r . Josh worked through quads starting ahead and by 150 miles in was down by 10 minutes to the Miller team. After the Mikes sky ranch loop the gap was closing fast With the CT riders charging on the faster part of the course. CT Racing, Temecula Motorsports, Maxxis tire, Roll, IMS, Elka, Web Cam sponsored Honda 450 R mounted Mike Cafro, Danny Prather and Jimmy Stepehensen were also charging working there way up to third and closing on both lead quads, after suffering rear brake problems early riding #10A. CT Racing Maxxis tire, So Cal Fab Shop, Fastco bars, Web Cam, Denton Racing, Elka sponsored riders Nick Nelson, Jason Greenhaw and Cain Smead on a CT modified Honda 450R were floating around in about 4th place until a center of a wheel came apart at midway section of the race dropping them back to about 8th at the halfway point riding 12A. The 10Ateam of Josh, Kyle and Levi took the lead from 2A Miller and Creech with about a 75 miles to go. The 6A team of Cafro, Stepehensen and Prather rolled into a battle with the 2A Miller team for second, and with five miles to the finish and clearly second place the swing arm broke in half leaving them with a DNF. 2A of Miller Creech finished second. 12A Nelson team came from there setback to finish a hard charging 6th.

 The CT team of Kirk Shreier, Shane Strunk, and Josh Edwards  set a blistering pace aboard their CT Pro-X 250 Power Valve, powered 250R. The team passed most of the 14 open class quads that started ahead of them to finish 5th overall ATV.


CT Racing Dominates Score San Felipe 250

Feb. 26th 05

CT Racing Dominated the first round of the Score Off Road series. CT riders went 1st 2nd and 3rd overall in the San Felipe 250. 1st was CT Racing Temecula Motorsports Maxxis tire Roll, IMS, Elka Web Cam sponsored Honda 450 R mounted Riders Josh Fredrics, Cyle Chislock and Levi Marana by only five seconds over CT Racing Temecula Motorsports Maxxis tire, Roll, IMS, Elka Web Cam sponsored YFZ450 mounted Mike Cafro and only nine seconds behind them was CT Racing Maxxis tire, So Cal Fab Shop, Fastco bars, Web Cam, Denton Racing, Elka sponsored riders Nick Nelson, Jason Greenhaw, and Jeff Anderson on a CT modified Honda 450R. This was the tightest one two three finish in a desert race that anyone had ever heard of.  Every rider on all 2nd and 3rd finishing teams could think up an excuse for how they lost those couple of extra seconds that could have put there team in front. But in reality all three teams had trouble free days and just raced hard to the end.

CT 350 Power Valve Laeger Aluminum No-link chassis.

CT just put the finishing touches on this perfect R. We built it for ATV Sport editor Bill Lanphier. This quad will be seen in an upcoming issue of ATV Sport magazine.



CT Racing Wins 2002 Score Off Road Championship

 Jimmy Stephensen, Mike Caffro with help from Cain Smead have won the 2002 Score off road championship The team of Mike and Jimmy won the San Felipe 250 and the Baja 500 with flawless rides on there CT Pro-X Power Valved 250R. The  CT Racing, Roll design chassis, VP Race Gas, Temecula Motorsports, Custom Axis Suspension, Golden West Cycles, Maxxis Razor Tire, Motul, Douglas Wheel, Hinson Racing, Graydon Proline, IMS, Maier Plastic, JS Pest Control, Dura Blue, Zing Graphics, C&C Race Photos, Tsubaki chain, PC Carbon Fiber, Motion Pro, Works Connection, Scott Goggles, GPR Stabilizer, Ricky Stator, Braking, Tag Bars, Outerwear's, Uni Filters Sponsored 250R . With help from Cain their 4th place finish in the Baja 1000 gave them the championship.

Baja 1000

Team CT racing just completed the Baja 1000. Jimmy Stephensen, Cain Smead, and Mike Caffro set an easy pace early in the race. With two wins in the previous two races (San Felipe and Baja 500) we needed a good finish to win the Score Championship. Our strategy was to let the race come to us. By check 2 we had moved to second and were just keeping a good pace with Mike at the controls. Cain jumped on at about 350 mile mark, just as it began to get dark. Cain lost the 2 main headlights and was down to the backup. Cain stopped at a Honda pit and asked for some bulbs, they had him wait for a few minutes and then told him they had none. Cain set off on coarse and two miles later lost the backup. He rode back to the Honda pit in the dark with no light at all. Team Honda decided to cough a couple of bulbs. Total time lost over an hour. Jimmy got controls at about midnight. About 20 miles into the run he lost all lights. Kevin Avina in one of the three chase trucks was able too run him down and swap light racks and send Jimmy off to the finish. Other than light problems the quad was never wrenched on just air filters and fuel. We had zero flats running Maxis Razor's. Our finish position was fourth.

The 5a Honda Rincon team was Docked 4 positions moving them back too fifth for cutting the course. They admitted to us that they had cut the course after the DQ, but Honda politics was able to get them re-instated as the winner.

Pikes Peak

CT Racing's Bobby Parr won the 2002 Pikes peak hill climb on his CT Racing powered Yamaha Banshee. The pikes peak hill climb is a one shot deal up the 12.4 mile accent, with 156 turns and elevation changing from 9,390 feet at the start to 14,110 feet at the finish. Bobby battled with John Stallworth at the beginning of the climb, after making an outside pass on John, Bobby took off uncontested.  Bobby did make a mistake and spin out on the lower section of the course possibly costing him a shot at a record time.

2002 Baja 500

The CT Racing team of Jimmy Stephensen and Mike Cafro dominated the Baja 500 On their CT Pro-X Power Valved 250R. The Kevin Avina Prepped, CT Racing, Roll design chassis, VP Race Gas, Temecula Motorsports, Custom Axis Suspension, Golden West Cycles, Maxxis Razor Tire, Motul, Douglas Wheel, Hinson Racing, Graydon Proline, IMS, Maier Plastic, JS Pest Control, Dura Blue, Zing Graphics, C&C Race Photos, Tsubaki chain, PC Carbon Fiber, Motion Pro, Works Connection, Scott Goggles, GPR Stabilizer, Ricky Stator, Braking, Tag Bars, Outerwear's, Uni Filters Sponsored 250R had a nearly Flawless day to put away the Competition. The only problem was a flat rear tire after a pit so running about 40 miles on one of the faster sections of the course gave the Team Greg Row  Bombardier Factory sponsored DS 650, and John Gregory piloted Golden west, Duncan Racing sponsored 250 R a chance to catch up and even take over the lead. After taking the lead back on the coast section about 2/3 way through the Race the CT powered Honda just pulled away to an eventual 6 minute win over The Team Greg Row DS 650

This is the second Score Off Road racing win in a row for the Team CT 250 R, Mike and Jimmy also won the Score off Road San Felipe 250 by over 30 minutes back in march. This leaves the team with a commanding point lead with only the Baja 1000 to go.

Below is a link to a short story on our Baja winning 250R. Save Off-Road.Com to your favorites they always have up to date race coverage of the west coast desert race scene.


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We have a new page on the site, Featured Articles and we will be adding lots of  past magazine test to it in the near future. Have a look, let us know what you think. The quality of the text is not perfect because we do scan them out of Magazines.

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Have a look at this interview with Bill Lanphier. I did a Ride impression at the European introduction of the Raptor last year while I was in France. It was just posted to this online magazine.

Jimmy Stephensen

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